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Discover our innovative multiplex molecular diagnostic test kits and lyophilized qPCR assay kits

Bioside is a young and innovative molecular diagnostics company. It was founded with a clear aim: being a pioneering player in the field of genetic, informatic and microbiology. In order to achieve this goal, Bioside has selected and trained some of the most highly qualified professionals, biologists and informatics to constantly pursue scientific and technological research.

The human team is the key to the company’s success as it works alongside clinical laboratories and food, agricultural and enviromental industries. The competitive advantage of these important partnerships relies on the development of new molecular diagnostic test kits for the multiplexing identification of DNA and RNA, designed to accomodate customer needs.

Still, Bioside’s mission goes further than that: the core business is totally committed to the validation of new solutions for, sample preparation-DNA extraction, microbiological or molecular assay tests and real time PCR detection.

Multiplex qpcr diagnostic kit manufacturers