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Trailblazing manufacturers of multiplex qPCR food allergen detection kits for environmental and food testing

qualyfast® Allergen Multiplex are innovative qPCR testing products for the detection of allergens. They ensure prompt and extremely sensitive results within a very short amount of time. Each detection kit contains tube strips with all the lyophilized reagents necessary for the analysis. The Inhibition Amplification Control included helps avoid false negative results while the lyophilized format guarantees a long-lasting product durability.

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Lyophilized qpcr food allergen test kit manufacturers

Allergen Multiplex 1

to detect soybean, milk and egg DNA.
Multiplex qpcr food allergen detection kit manufacturers

Allergen Multiplex 2

to detect nuts, peanut and pine nut DNA.
Lyophilized multiplex qpcr food allergen assay kit

Allergen Multiplex 3

to detect fish, crustacean and mollusk DNA.
lyophilized multiplex qpcr food allergen testing kit manufacturers

Allergen Multiplex 4

to detect soybean, sesame and mustard DNA.

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