A new era in real time qPCR assay


qualyfast®, the ultimate multiplex qPCR assay kit for molecular detection

A new step towards real time qPCR has been made and it will change how polymerase chain reaction analysis is performed. qualyfast® is an innovative multiplex PCR assay technology for the rapid identification of pathogens, allergens, GMOs, viruses and bacteria. What makes it unique is the simultaneous detection of multiple analytes in just one test. Infact, this one and only procedure allows to detect up to four different DNA/RNA targets with extreme sensitiveness and precision.

But the advantages of this specific diagnostic test kit also rely on the rapid results that can be achieved and the ease of use. All the reagents are pre-dosed and lyophilized in the reaction tubes to guarantee product storage at room temperature and a long-lasting durability. qualyfast® represents a new era in real time qPCR assay and in vitro diagnostic test kits: this unique procedure can be applied to multiple analyses for the identification of distinct analytes in human clinical and in food, water and environment testing.


Fast, certified and ready to use

All the reagents are pre-dosed and lyophilized in specific reaction tubes

One step procedure

Add extracted DNA or RNA to qualyfast® tube, qPCR Run.

One and only thermal profile, same method of use: you can perform different qualyfast® products in the same time.

The plus of our kit

Products available in packs of 24, 48, 96 or 480 tests

qualyfast® can be used for